Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tatuajes extraños de Hello Kitty

La gatita japonesa Hello Kitty se ha convertido en uno de los íconos de la cultura pop mas distintivos y llamativos, principalmente por el hecho de que se la puede representar de miles de formas diferentes, siendo uno de los tatuajes mas versátiles.

Siendo una cultura muy influenciada por la música, las películas, los videojuegos y todo lo que sea masivo, los tatuajes de Hello Kitty se ven modificados acorde a lo que se quiera representar, lo que da resultados como Hello Kitty de Star Wars, Frankenstein, como un ninja o samurai, como personajes de manga y animé, e inclusive como Jesús, ya que no hay fronteras en las que no se pueda encontrar este característico logo de la cultura pop, y el único límite es la imaginación y la creatividad.

Es aconsejable hablarlo con el tatuador y hacer bocetos en papel antes de realizar los tatuajes, para asegurarnos de que todo quede tal cual queremos.

Fotos de tatuajes de dragones

Los dragones han sido desde siempre seres asombrosos que atemorizaban a los hombres por su poder o por su divinidad, lo que les valió un lugar en la cima, principalmente en las culturas orientales donde los dragones eran un símbolo de poder y sabiduría único.

En cuanto a los tatuajes, los dragones son de los principales tatuajes asiáticos, y se los suele realizar principalmente como tatuajes tribales o en un estilo realista chino o japonés, por lo general llenos de color y ocupando grandes porciones de piel, lo que los suele derivar a zonas para tatuajes amplias como el pecho y la espalda.

En las mujeres, los dragones que ocupan toda la espalda y parte de las piernas suelen verse como unos de los tatuajes mas sensuales, lo que está acrecentando su numero en el público femenino con el paso del tiempo.

Esta galería de fotos de tatuajes es de tatuajes de dragones para poder escoger un buen diseño e inspiración si tenemos en mente hacernos uno.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Top Tribal Tattoo Flash Designs Worth Considering

Are you having a hard time choosing the best tribal tattoo flash design? Don't worry. Most people getting their tats on are always having a hard time selecting the best tattoo. With endless design possibilities, who on earth won't get confuse which one to pick? Help yourself have easier choosing. Below are the most popular choices in tribal tattoo designs.

Phoenix. This mythological fire bird symbolizes resurrection and rebirth. You can find stories of phoenix in various cultures like in the Roman Empire, Greek Empire, China, India, and the Middle East. Nobody knows if this bird exists but who cares? If you want something to symbolize rebirth and resurrection, then phoenix tribal tattoo design should be one of your picks.

Dragon. If you want a back or arm tattoo, then better consider getting a dragon tattoo. This mythological creature can be very flexible to cover your arm or beautify your back. More than that, dragons symbolize the four elements or the nature itself. This bad-tempered yet powerful creature came from Chinese and Japanese mythology, yet dragon influence is worldwide.

Love. Everyone is capable of loving. This is one of the few things that all people can relate to. If you want to express your love for someone, then have a love tribal tattoo flash design inked on. Sailors, for instance, get their love tattoos on the armband before they leave for sailing. They usually dedicate the tattoo to their moms but those with wives and girlfriends dedicate that tat to them.

Butterfly. This beautiful insect symbolizes metamorphosis, a beautiful change. A popular pick for women, butterfly tribal tattoo flash designs can also be so tough to go well on a man's body.

Angel. Afraid of something and needs protection? Getting an angel tattoo might help. Most fans of angel tattoos get this primarily for the protection symbolism and to signify their faith.

Cross. Symbolize sacrifice, belief, hope, and faith for your religion with a cross tribal tattoo flash. This can also memorialize a family or a loved one who passed away.

Maori. These designs are popular in tribal tattoo flash. Simple shapes and lines can look astoundingly attractive. You can browse through the basic Maori symbols and be inspired of these. Try to innovate the design and you'll see a new beauty will be born.

The most difficult part of getting a tattoo is choosing the best tattoo. It will be helpful if you have so many tribal tattoo flash designs to choose from. You might find a lot of nice designs in a big database.

Better draw the design you want in your mind before browsing a database. Look for the specific design or a design more beautiful than that. Ask yourself many times if you want that design for good. If you are already very, very certain, then you have to choose to which part of your body you want that tribal tattoo flash design be inked on.

Weekend Tattoo-Nude Females

Celtic Painting and Tattoos Creating Sensual Atmosphere

The Celtic art is one of the most ancient artforms. Many paintings and drawings are now used as tattoos. People like these Celtic symbols as tattoos on their body parts.

In many of the Celtic paintings, you would find a woman standing with a long spear held upright in her left or right hand. It was customary to wear only a large ring around the woman's waist, from which a curved sword would hand behind. In Celtic art, we can see a smaller ring around a woman's neck, too. Much of the woman's body would appear to be painted or tattooed. The modern men and women, too, like such tattoos on their body, as these Celtic tattoos create sensual atmosphere. The Celtic tattoos have become the symbol of modern fashion.

Celtic traditions can is as old as 3,000 years and today many people are being attracted and are willing to know about them. This tradition known as Celtic was grounded in harmony. Now a day many New Age advocates practice those environment-friendly traditions of the Celtic people. If such beautiful and utility based traditions are not preserved, they can die or be forgotten.

In the ancient time the Celtic womanhood and motherhood got the utmost reverence and admiration. any type of degradation of the woman hood or a rape were considered the worst crime; and such a crime was treated with the absolute highest severity. The act of rape was not pardonable and the punishment meted out was very serious; and no one would be ready to show leniency.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fotos de tatuajes de mariposas

Hay pocos tatuajes que sean exclusivamente femeninos ya que con la revolución sexual y la tendencia moderna al formato andrógino, la feminidad se ha vuelto un atractivo tanto para hombres como para mujeres.

Los tatuajes de mariposas en cambio, son de la escasa selección de tatuajes que solo son aceptados en el género femenino por su gran significado feminista, junto con su belleza y delicadeza, adjetivos con los cuales la mayoría de las mujeres se identifica, aunque sea inconscientemente.

Claro que existen muchos casos en los que las mariposas se ven tatuadas en los hombres, pero ya cambiarían su significado feminista por otro mas específico que depende de la persona que ha elegido tatuarse mariposas en la piel.

Por la delicadeza de estos diseños, se suelen convertir en tatuajes pequeños en zonas como los hombros, las muñecas y el cuello, dado que estas son áreas muy delicadas y que potencian su simbolismo.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girl Tattoos

Ever since women started getting tattoos there have been a debate over what are male tattoos and what are girl tattoos. While I’m not naive enough to think that I can resolve this debate to everyone’s satisfaction, I would like to make a few comments on girl tattoos in general. Many people consider anything that has a softer touch to it, to be a girl tattoo. These include the ever popular flower designs, birds, stars and butterflies. But, I have a real problem with this definition. You see, I have seen many of my male friends sport many of these same tattoo elements. Does it make them anymore masculine? No, so maybe we can move these out of the girl tattoo category. Another problem is that common tattoos that were popular among men, such as skulls, dragons and tigers are now being sported on women’s bodies. Does this make them girl tattoos? I really don’t think so. So, what can we consider a girl tattoo. Maybe like the image in the picture, we should consider lower back tattoos as being girly. I haven’t seen too many men with ink there. Well, hopefully that solves, to an extent, the whole debate. Or does it?
They put this tattoo into the category of girl tattoos but I can see where just about anybody might want to get a tattoo of flowers on a stem like this one. There’s certainly nothing wrong with it. And there is nothing wrong with being a guy and liking flowers. Not that I can see anyway.
This picture is kind of dark but we can still see that it appears to be a nice looking tattoo that goes up the right side of this girl’s back. A stem with pretty flowers spouting off it it as it goes. One almost expects to see a butterfly or two flying around the flowers, but you can’t always have everything.
I don’t really like calling any group of tattoos, girls tattoos because I’d like to think that every one looks at tattoos in their own way and makes up their mind to get one or not in their own way so breaking them off into girls tattoos and boys tattoos just does not seem like the right thing to do. I say just let it be everybody’s tattoos and we just leave it at that. Sounds like a deal to me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mas fotos de tatuajes de estrellas

Los tatuajes de estrellas son los tatuajes mas buscados por la gente dado que pueden convertirse en un diseño sobrio y original, a la vez que también son excelentes tatuajes para rellenar otros diseños y agregar mas detalle.

Igualmente, los tatuajes de estrellas como diseños principales del tatuaje suelen ir tatuadas en tinta negra conservando ese estilo clásico que tanto se busca muchas veces.

Tan comunes son este tipo de tatuajes en hombres tanto como en mujeres que constantemente se están haciendo nuevos diseños y compartiendo las mejores fotos de tatuajes, lo que mas de una vez suele ser lo que da el ultimo empujón para tomar la decisión de hacerse un tatuaje, ya que el diseño del tatuaje lo es todo.

Estas fotos de tatuajes de estrellas quizas logren dar la inspiración necesaria para poder tatuarse uno de los tatuajes mas populares y estilizados de hoy en día.

Tattoo Designs For Arms

The arm is the number one spot in which tattoos are given throughout the world on the human anatomy. The different types of arm tattoo designs are as different and unique as there are arms in the tattoo parlors everywhere. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration before anyone decides to get inked-up on their arm. There is certainly the primary factor of personal choice as well as occupational field and other sociological factors. By and large the most important factor is the person who is going to be wearing this tattoo design for the rest of their natural life, you.
Upper Arm and Bicep Most Popular Today

Many individuals, especially novice or first-time tattoo wearers, choose to have the arm tattoo on the upper part and not the lower. With the transition of the military's viewpoints on tattoo designs, no longer is the forearm the most popular spot for tattoos these days. It is the upper arm or the bicep that gets most of the attention since this is a great size palette and location for those that want to wear short sleeves and still not advertise their tattoo inked up skin.
Vietnam and Laos

With so many designs and unique coloring patterns available in the world of inking today, the ability to create anything under the sun is now a possibility. The largest numbers of tattoos that appear on arms throughout North America are on the left upper arm. The reason for this, no one knows, yet it is the number one spot for the inking of America. The world is another concern as the different cultures that have different belief systems in the world see the different spots on the body that needs to be addressed. While in Far East Asia and in countries such as Vietnam and Laos, tattoo designs are not seen as anything wrong but a great religious phenomenon. Having tattoos is a sign of wealth and prestige while in the Far eastern region of the world. This goes hand-in-hand with the total number of people being inked-up in the Southeast Asian countries, standing at an estimated 5% in 2010.

Mom Tattoos Popular Always

The upper arm and the shoulder area are great spots for the people who prefer classic tattoo styles. These are usually the larger pieces of self-contained and tattoo areas. Because of this large surface area and the fact that a great deal of that area is essentially flat and hairless, it is a great spot for a portrait of someone's mom or maybe their little baby girl Angelica. The lower arm is a bolder choice but these too can easily display large pieces such as works of art of gothic lettering and flowers and vines. In the end everything is left up to the imagination and the person who is going to wear this work of art on their upper arm and that person is you!

Shooting Star Tattoo Designs

Change the Quality of the Artwork You See

This is the most important thing to take into account when searching for shooting star tattoos. This can be one of the absolute best design choices possible, but not if you're staring at long pages of generic junk. Is that what you're seeing? If you are, then I have some very valuable tips to share with you, because it's quite easy to move forward and find original, perfectly drawn shooting star tattoo designs.

Let me break this first tip to you very gently: The more generic artwork you see, the bigger the possibility is of you picking one of those basic tattoos to get inked with. Do you know how many people regret putting a cookie cutter tat on themselves, though? The number is staggering. Let's just leave it at that. Many of these people just weren't able to find the better, higher quality artwork, which is why they just "settled" on something. You can easily avoid this by discontinuing your use of search engines when looking for shooting star tattoo designs.

Most of you might think that this is too drastic of a step to take, but it's really not. It's just a necessary one. The only kind of artwork you find in search results will be the generic stuff, because that's the only kind of artwork gallery they show to you. They are always leaving out the bigger, fresher and higher quality galleries. So, if you want to pick shooting star tattoo designs from real, original artwork, you're best shot at finding tons of it is by using big forums to your advantage.

You're not going to find the actual tattoos in the galleries, so you don't have to worry about that. You are just using the big forum because of their massive archives, which are loaded with topics about tattoos. This is the ultimate place to gather links and names to the unbelievable artwork sites you've been missing. The info about these websites are shared freely and regularly through the topics, by people just looking to help each other out. That's how you change the quality of the shooting star tattoo designs you find. It's really that simple.

In the future, you can use this to find any other style, not just shooting star tattoo designs.