Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picking a tattoo design

Picking a tattoo design is no simple task. One must choose something they know they will feel comfortable and happy with. The main question one first asks themselves is “what to get and where to put it”? In order to finalize this question one must consider the factors that go into picking a tattoo design. Some of the things one would consider are how painful certain areas of the body are, the size of the desired piece, and ultimately ones individual taste.

A Tattoo as a Reflection of You: A tattoo is a form of self expression that puts an aspect of one’s life onto skin. A person’s design should be something meaningful and symbolic. It is vitally important that someone designs a tattoo using themes that they like and hold true to the individual. Some people like picking a tattoo design based on their past experiences, their loved or lost ones, places they have been, and designs that symbolize the transitions of life. When opening the common tattoo design magazine the centerfold will display elaborate artwork with some “outspoken” tattoos involving demons, horrific images, and sexually explicit tattoos. While the artwork may be amazing and beautiful it may not be the message you want to send out to the world. No matter what one chooses they must think hard about it and get a basic idea of the pattern so that the tattoo artist can help develop it later.

The Pain Factor: Something that everyone knows about tattooing is that there is a minimal to an excruciating amount of pain involved. This is something to consider when picking a tattoo design because one might want to alter the position or size depending on how painful a certain area is. The most painful areas for men are the abdomen, spine, and chest and the least painful areas are the buttocks, the arms, and the back. The most painful areas for women are the ankle, spine, and ribcage while the least painful areas are the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and shoulders.

The Body Part: Deciding where to put a tattoo is just as important as picking a tattoo design. As mentioned above, the pain factors is important for deciding where to place a tattoo but there is a lot more to consider. The size of the tattoo should be sized appropriately for the body part. Many people getting tattoos for the first time pick a tattoo design that is too small and then regret not getting it bigger later.

Finding Artist and Tattoo Shop: Finding a professional artist at a reputable tattoo parlor is so important that it cannot be stressed enough. When one is picking a tattoo design they are also putting themselves at the mercy of the artist. If an artist does not have good credentials and is not trustworthy then it’s not worth the risk of being contaminated with blood borne pathogens or, at best, being left with hideous tattoo. Some artists are better known for portraits or coloring and shading. Find the artist that will help you express yourself best and will work with you to design a tattoo.

Custom Designing Tattoo: Since tattoos are a reflection of one’s personality, are permanent, and is an art form one should work with the tattoo artist to take the concept and turn it into a masterpiece. When picking a tattoo design one should stay away from “flash” and should only use it as a guide to help spice up the design in mind. A good idea to help the creative juices flow is to sketch a concept and think about its arrangement. A tattoo artist will probably take the sketch and will help develop it into an elaborate and well thought out piece of art that can then be tattooed.

Written Tattoos: Written tattoos in any form or in any language should be thought of for twice as long. When one picks a tattoo design involving written text they must be extremely careful and responsible to check, recheck, and then check again for errors. Misspellings, misquotations, mistranslations and any other typos are usually irreparable and might result in a cover up not to mention the fact the tattoo will look foolish. Another thing to consider with written tattoos is the type of font and if it will be solely text or if there will also be an image infused. Although it is blatantly obvious that getting names tattooed are not recommended, it should be mentioned again that statistics have shown that most name tattoos outlive the relationship with the person they were dedicated to. Think very very hard about whether or not putting a name or a sentence on your body is something that you want to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Reflection Period: Before getting a tattoo and after picking a tattoo design one should always take the time to think about how the tattoo will look and if it is the right size, place, and position. One should never settle for just anything but rather for the best. There are many tools one can use to help decide like the Virtual Tattoo Application. This application can help you take an existing image and place it over a picture to see how it will look. One should also consult their friends and the tattoo artist to ensure the best results.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Full Half and Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Designs A Complete Guide

Wondering what the heck a sleeve tattoo is? Well they are one of the most popular of all tattoos and they look great. Very basically a sleeve tattoo is any tattoo design that covers up the majority of the skin in a certain area. For example a full arm would be a full sleeve tattoo. These are becoming increasingly popular as the overall trend for tattoos rises and people discover more and more about body art. They can be a wonderful tattoo design if you have carefully thought about what you want to get and the artist you are going to work with. Here is some more advice about getting sleeved.

What Is A Sleeve Tattoo?

Some of you might be wondering where did they get their name and how it is different from regular tattoos? Typically sleeve tattoos are done on arms can also be done on the legs. They are any type of tattoo that fully covers this can so that little to no skin is showing through the tattoo. They're often called sleeve tattoos because they look very some similar to wearing a long sleeved shirt. Fact, you have probably seen fake or sleeves being sold on eBay and these are just the sleeves of a shirt with an intricate tattoo design.

Popular Designs And Ideas

Of course if you're getting a sleeve that to an article at the time that you want it by all means go with that design. However, if you are still contemplating what you want to include in your design are the exact details of your design are some of the more popular ideas that people use with getting sleeve tattoos.

1. Traditional Japanese Designs - another very popular theme for sleeve tattoos are traditional Japanese designs. The Japanese have a long history of tattooing and theme of the designs of koi fish, samurai, and cherry blossoms can often be interwoven beautifuly.

2. Floral Patterns - there are many different floral patterns and can easily be adapted or tweaked into a tattoo. These are typically more delicate feminine nature but don't necessarily have to be.

3. Celtic Designs - Celtic knotwork often lends itself to tattoo designs. The intricate nature of the interwoven knotwork could make a beautiful design. Since there is so much space or canvas available on your arms often one can include knotwork animals and even calligraphy into an overall Celtic design.

4. Tribal - These take large tribal tattoo designs and spread them out over the large canvas. These are often very popular ideas for guys as the bold strong black lines of a tribal design can look pretty cool. You are thinking about getting tribal design then you want to carefully consider the culture and the style you want. Many of the native cultures have very developed tattoo designs that have been carried over into modern tattoo art. For example, you can get a Maroi Tattoo or possibly a Hawaiian tattoo.

Time, Cost and Commitment

sleeve tattoos are typically very large and intricate designs which can take a long time to complete. Therefore they compete more expensive and require a great deal of commitment. So you might be wondering how much will sleeve tattoo design costs? This could depend on a variety of different factors such as the popularity of the tattoo designer, the type of design that you want, and if you decide to get a custom tattoo versus standard flash. All prices can range greatly and there is no set amount typically full sleeve tattoos can run between $500-$2000.

Typically ssleeves are done over multiple sessions lasting about an hour each. Most full sleeve to designs can be done with about 20 sessions over 20 hours of total work. Depending on the availability of your tattoo artist as might be scheduled at one session per week so a full sleeve tattoo could take easily over 20 weeks.

You are considering getting a full sleeve tattoo you want to carefully consider the design in the tattoo artist. Spent some time before hand considered both these factors could play major role in your overall experience of getting a full sleeve tattoo. Try to find an artist does want to work with you and listen to your ideas and a design that you are happy with.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Best Friend Tattoos
Best Friend Tattoos
Ideas for best friend tattoos can come in many ways and form. Ideas can come from the things you and your friend both have in common or ideas can be keyed to activities you both love to share and enjoy together. Having matching tattoos of a similar design as in this tattoo picture of matching star designs, is something you can relate ideas from. You can also think about tattoos with "half counterparts" such as a half heart tattoo that can be split between you and your friend. Deciding to get a "friendship tattoo", remember a close friendship bond is something that should always be cherished through both the good and bad times. Seriously think about getting a best friend tattoo design, as sometimes friendships our not forever, but tattoos are.


Baby Wing Tattoo
Baby Wing Tattoo
Winged tattoos are commonly known as a positive symbol that have a connection with heavenly angels. It is a symbol that many people have come to love having as a tattoo design. In this image, it shows a winged tattoo of a memorial or remembrance design that is dedicated to a lost love one, most likely that of a newborn baby or child.


Lower Back Butterfly Tribal Tattoo
Lower Back Butterfly Tribal Tattoo
Butterflies are beautiful creatures of nature, their meanings as a tattoo often symbolizes rebirth or can be a significance symbol that revolves around a new change in life. Butterfly tattoos have always been admired by both women and girls. There are many places to get a butterfly tattoo design. In this picture of a lower back tattoo, the design consist of a butterfly tat with tribal designs that is embellished with a name in black ink.

Ed Hardy Tattoos - Lower Back Design

Ed Hardy Lower Back Tattoo
Ed Hardy Lower Back Design
Ed Hardy has contributed a lot to the to the world of tattoos and he is well recognized today for his works. His art work have traveled many nations where the designs of Ed Hardy have been inked by many people. In this tattoo, depicted is a popular tattoo that is probably the most famous Ed Hardy Designs, "Love Kills Slowly", which is also a logo that is printed on shirts and clothing line by Christian Audigier, who was granted permission by Ed Hardy to print his designs.

Girl Tattoo Gallery Review

If you are a girl looking for a cool girl tattoo, an excellent place to search is a tattoo gallery. You'll notice there are a few online galleries which may look very promising. So which one should you choose?
Girl Tattoo

Here's my girl tattoo gallery review which will give you an idea of which one to choose for beautiful designs.
Girl Tattoo

1. An Exclusive Girl Tattoo Gallery.

There are galleries online which are exclusively "girl only". That is, they cater specifically to female tattoo designs. Now while you may think that this must be the gallery for you, hold on for one moment. While, yes, you will get many girl designs, you also lose out on a lot of "gender neutral" designs which can look very beautiful as tattoos. Recently I saw a girl who just had some ink placed on. It was a tiger placed on her back, and it looked extremely sexy! Somehow it was very feminine as well. But it was the kind of ink that you likely wouldn't find in a girl tattoo only site. So if you want a smaller selection base of feminine only designs then this type of gallery might be for you. but if you want a larger selection, consider other gallery sites.
Girl Tattoo

2. The Unlimited Tattoo Design Gallery.

These are galleries which have thousands of high quality designs, and are constantly being updated with new designs. While this may sound a bit overwhelming, and you start to realize that such a gallery will require a lot of time to go through, I believe in the end it really is worth it. The thing with tattoos are their permanence and the "regret factor". You definitely don't want to regret your ink, and I believe putting in your "due diligence" and going through a lot of designs to ensure you are getting the absolute best is really the way to go. Besides, it's actually fun! Once you get going on one of these sites, you really won't want to stop. It's really fun going through and bookmarking your top designs, and eventually narrowing down your decision.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tatuajes de serpientes

Si hablamos de tatuajes de reptiles, es imposible continuar sin los tatuajes de serpientes, ya que estos animales son los protagonistas de la mayoría de estos tatuajes, tanto que son consideradas tatuajes clásicos o de la vieja escuela, y que han perdurado hasta el día de hoy, donde también siguen siendo de los diseños de tatuajes mas vistos y populares.

Las serpientes alimentaron pesadillas de la humanidad desde siempre por su agresiva naturaleza, sus ojos tan característicos, su lengua bífida, sus colmillos y desde luego, su capacidad de matar indiscriminadamente con sus poderosos venenos.

Suelen acompañar tatuajes de calaveras, para ser un símbolo inequívoco de muerte y desesperanza, por lo que de mas está decir que se las suele utilizar con el fin de lograr una apariencia mas amenazadora e impartir ese miedo tan conocido.

Pero no todas las serpientes son venenosas, dado que las boas y las anacondas no lo son, pero no por ello son menos aterrorizantes, ya que su fuerza, determinación y tamaño les ha valido encontrarse representadas en tatuajes.

Tatuajes de Rock

De los géneros musicales, el Rock es el que mas característico se vuelve a la hora de expresar rebeldía y desorden, ya que desde sus comienzos por 1950 con el Rock And Roll y el Rockabilly, se dió a conocer por su “violencia”, poder, energía y velocidad, que iban completamente en contra de todos los otros géneros musicales, que solían se mucho mas tranquilos.

Por esta apariencia desprolija y revoltosa, rápidamente fue adoptado por los jóvenes rebeldes, y el resto se convirtió en historia, que devino en una gran cantidad de géneros musicales como el metal, el punk, el indie, el hard rock, el rock progresivo, el soft rock, new wave, glam rock, el rock alternativo, el grunge y muchísimos ejemplos mas.

Lo que se puede decir con seguridad es que los tatuajes de rock son sin duda la representación mas fiel de esta rebeldía y el estilo de vida que se lleva con esta música, por lo que millones de personas se realizan tatuajes de sus instrumentos, bandas y símbolos rock alrededor del mundo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tatuajes de estrellas tribales

Los tatuajes de estrellas se encuentran dentro de los tatuajes mas populares ya que tanto hombres como mujeres se los realizan ya sea como protagonistas de los diseños de tatuajes como también de complemento para rellenar, los por lo que tranquilamente se pueden incluir estrellas en casi todos los tipos de tatuajes.

Tanto es así que inclusive hay tatuajes de estrellas tribales, subiéndose a la ola de los tatuajes tribales, que también se encuentran dentro de los tatuajes mas vistos, pero estos gracias a su gran versatilidad y capacidad de poder ser utilizados como un estilo de tatuaje, por lo que también tienen un gran numero de diseños.

Los tatuajes de estrellas tribales no son demasiado comunes, pero esto se debe a que no son demasiado vistos por ser originales y novedosos al combinar estos estilos y diseños, pero todos sabemos que esto es solo cuestión de tiempo.

Tatuajes para mujeres

Siempre solemos decir que no hay tatuajes para hombres o para mujeres, ya que si bien hay algunos tatuajes femeninos, se los suele ver tatuados en hombres también, en gran parte debido a que el mundo se ha convertido en un lugar mucho mas unisex en donde las diferentes culturas interactúan entre si sin demasiados problemas.

Aún así, las mujeres suelen encontrar varios tipos de tatuajes que sienten mas representativos, ya sea por sus significados de feminidad, delicadeza, suavidad o simplemente porque se las asocia con su personalidad, como por ejemplo los tatuajes de flores, los tatuajes de estrellas, los tatuajes de corazones, ángeles, hadas o inclusive tatuajes de frases.

La mayoría de estos tatuajes suelen tatuarse en zonas delicadas como las muñecas o la ingle, y también suelen ser tatuajes pequeños, para potencias mas sus significados de delicadeza, aunque también se los puede encontrar en las piernas o en toda la espalda, dependiendo en mayor parte de los diseños de tatuajes.