Monday, September 27, 2010

Custom Temporary Tattoos for the Hospitality Industry

Custom Temporary Tattoos for the Hospitality Industry

Travel bureaus, hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, massage therapists, bed and breakfasts, hair salons, spas: these are only a few of the business in the hospitality industry that could benefit from custom temporary tattoos.

What can these companies use custom fake tattoos for? Here are just a few examples:

* Special raffle giveaways

* Direct mail campaigns

* Promotional events

* Souvenirs

* Grand openings

* Kids activities

Let's take grand openings as an example. A new salon opening in town could have custom non-permanent tattoos made of their logo. On the back, for no extra charge, they could print their opening date, address, website and a promotional offer. The offer could be good for a percentage off or free shampoo with your hair cut. Example of what the tattoo back:

Name of Salon


Be among the first! Book an appointment: Phone Number

Wear this tattoo to the salon for 30% off your cut!

The custom temporary tattoos could be handed out to residents near the salon and at city-wide events. It's a great way for the salon to attract potential life-long customers for two reasons: fake tattoos are very trendy right now so handing them out makes your salon seem hip and cutting edge, but it's also a very unique promotion so your potential customers are likely to remember it - and act on it.

But wait, there is another very significant advantage to using custom fake tattoos to promote a grand opening! By having your customers wear the temporary tattoo in order to get the discount, you are turning them into walking billboards for you! Others will see them wearing the tattoo and inevitably ask questions about it which will drive more traffic to your store. Even if they won't ask questions, they will see your logo, promoting your brand.

If you are in the hospitality industry, you can't afford to miss out on this easy, effective and inexpensive promotion. Custom temporary tattoos are used by big brands like Hampton Inn, American Male, Massage Envy and Harrah's. Promote your business today with custom temporary tattoos!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feeling Bold? Try a Unique Tribal Tattoo Design!

Over three million people, according to Google, search for Tribal Tattoos online every month. These truly unique tattoos are one of the most sought-after of all tattoo ideas, and are highly prized by people from all over the world.

As the name suggests, Tribal Tattoos originated within certain groups or clans. Some of the most common of these are still worn by American Indians, Polynesians, Native Hawaiians and the Maori of New Zealand. They have deep significance for those who wear them, and they are one of the most recognizable of all tattoo designs. The bold & beautiful lines and inter-weavings represent many different things, including family or clan membership, rank or peerage within a tribe, attainment of feats of strength or endurance, or association with battles (both modern and ancient).

In the modern era, with so much emphasis now on the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of all peoples in the world, these tattoos are being proudly worn by those who claim association with their traditional tribes. Long gone are the days when conquerors and religious zealots tried to assimilate these cultures and wipe out their long-held traditions, and this is one of the main reasons that Tribal Tattoos have become so increasingly popular.

These tattoos are very well-known to most of us due to the fact that they are commonly displayed on areas of the skin that are exposed in public. This includes the face, arms (in the form of armbands or sleeves), shoulder and legs. With the changing of attitudes in recent times about wearing tattoos, it is now quite common to see people proudly displaying their own unique designs, whether it be on the sporting arena or in a corporate boardroom!

Because of their intricate designs and bold message, these tattoos have broad appeal to just about everyone who is into tattoos. Specific unique design themes are often 'adopted' by certain groups to signify allegiance to a goal or ideal, and this art will sometimes incorporate lettering to make the association even more obvious. These tattoos were used traditionally not only for internal significance, but also to instill fear into the hearts of their enemies, and anyone sporting a well-inked tribal tattoo is guaranteed to get their fair share of attention!

Tribal Tattoos are also one of the most frequently 'blended' tattoo designs. This means that skilled artists are able to mix genres, producing an almost limitless variety of truly unique tattoo designs. Some of the more common ones are Tribal Celtic Crosses, Tribal Chinese Dragons, and even tribal insect designs, such as dragonflies. These masterpieces can take years to complete, and are truly breath-taking mosaics to anyone lucky enough to come across them!

There is a small note of caution when it comes to getting a Tribal Tattoo. Remember that there are specific designs and themes which have significance to certain groups, and wearing them without the required authority or association can cause offence. Make sure you either design your own unique tattoo, or ensure that an existing image that you like is not culturally significant.

When it comes to finding your own tribal tattoo, one of the best ideas is to join an online site. These resources have thousands of designs from all genres, plus the tools to create your own truly unique design. They will also have lists of the best studios & parlors to get your tattoo applied!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dragon Tattoos - Bringing to Life the Dragon

Dragons have been forged into an art that has flourished into thousands of dragon tattoo designs. They have appeared on the arms of men and has embellished the backs of many as a full cover tattoo. Women has also fancied the dragon tattoos as well, tattooing their bodies with tribal dragons, fantasy and cute dragon tattoos, like those depicted in fairy-tales. The symbol of the mighty and powerful beast has been a part of the tattooing designs for decades and it still continues today.

Dragons are mythical creatures of past folklore and legends. They have had a part in stories of fairy-tales, movies and books throughout our history. The myth of dragons believed they once roamed this vast world and many legends can be discovered throughout many cultures. Each culture having their own knowledge about them and are commonly known as being fierce, powerful and mighty. But dragons can also be revered as being respectable and that of good nature. As with some cultures, they are regarded as being a symbolic representation for good luck and good fortune.

Because of the widespread of dragon fables and the symbolic representation that they carry, numerous people have decided to get tattoos of dragons. In many civilizations dragon tattoos have been a part of their body-art designs for ages. Adorning their skin with the mighty image of a dragon, the dragon tattoos have grown in popularity very much in the same fashion the legends have spread.

The designs are very popular among men but women are just as fascinated and captivated by the designs just as much. The dragon designs are overwhelming and have many styles and ways of being interpreted onto the skin. Tattoo designs of fantasy dragons, Japanese, Chinese, Celtic and many others have bought to life, this magnificent creature of our past. Many people have tattooed the image for the symbolic meanings behind them and some, for its pure majestic looks.

Dragon tattoo designs have become so popular it is sometimes considered as the first tattoo to get by most men. The tattoo of dragons seem to have a positive and negative side to them. They can be symbolize as strength and power and at the same time be considered mischievous and destructive. Regardless dragon tattoos are a favorite design many people choose to consider.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tribal Back Tattoos

Tribal back tattoos are making a very impressive comeback in recent times, along with tribal designs for other parts of the body. These designs did have a period of popularity back in the middle of the last century, but have taken a bit of a back seat since then. Since the last decade of the previous century, tribal tattoos of all types have been back in fashion again.

Despite this, many people are still not fully aware of the history and tradition at the back of this resurgent trend. Although the designs themselves receive plenty of attention and publicity, it seems that the underlying reasons for them do not.

The tribal back tattoos which you regularly see paraded by young people today had their roots in the South Sea traditions of Polynesia. Although other islands in the Pacific Ocean have contributed handsomely towards the inventory of design we have available today, notable the Maori part of New Zealand, it is from Hawaii that the greatest contribution has come.

The Hawaiian tradition goes back to the original tribal elders, and has been handed down over centuries. The tradition in terms of design shows no sign of slowing down or disappearing, although the methods of application have changed somewhat.

As Hawaii is now politically part of North America, it is little wonder that Americans and other Westerners are taking further interest in the tribal traditions of the islands. Anyone above a certain age will remember the interest in Hawaiian shirts which was prevalent in the 1970s. Now, these shirts are still seen as having a cultural significance, although now it is a more backwards looking significance. The tribal tattoos, on the other hand, seem to be more in vogue than ever. What is the seemingly secret history behind the increasingly popular tribal back tattoo?

The Hawaiian tradition puts a lot of emphasis on body art in general. Often the art has no more deeper significance than just that. It is a work of art. The wearer simply uses it as a form of decoration. Of course, paying for decoration of the back makes more sense in a tropical climate, if it is for the purpose of decoration, yet back tattoos are increasingly common in the temperate Western world. This is a testimony to the old Polynesian belief that the tattoo helped create an identity for the person, even if only internally.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos can have a deeper significance. In some cases, these decorations were used as a way of immortalizing a lost loved one. The person always retained a part of the departed person on their body. In the primitive traditions of the tribal elders, these designs were even believed to bring protection to wearer, as a kind of bodily talisman.

Some of these designs are amazing in their intricacy, given the primitive way in which they were applied to the body. The beaks and claws of dead birds were used to apply the ink, which was made with dyed sugar cane. The resourcefulness and patience of both those applying the ink, and those receiving it, has to be admired. It was no easy task to be given tribal back tattoos.